Clark Declines Playboy Cover

"It Seems Sex Is a Fast Track to Media Attention," Singer Says

Terri Clark has turned down the chance to pose for the cover of Playboy magazine. After coming in second place (behind Shania Twain) in a poll on Playboy’s Web site last year, Clark was offered the cover of May’s music issue.

“I am a big believer in the beauty of the human body and the notion that sexy is a state of mind more than it’s a body type,” Clark said in a statement. “I think any woman who is confident and joyous is sexy, and that’s a truth we should all embrace rather than worrying about hips or thighs or whatever. And that was the thing about this Playboy offer that really spoke to me: I’m not typical and the experts evidently saw something in me that said a normal size woman can be sexy.

“On one hand, that felt terribly empowering for me as a woman, as a symbol of every woman who’s not a size 2 or 4, who doesn’t want to live at the gym or never eat another slice of cake or cheeseburger,” Clark said. “The idea that you’re recognizing a pretty large segment of society was awesome. But for me, even as full-tilt as I am, there are just some things I can’t quite get comfortable with. When you start talking to people about all the reasons to — all the reasons you shouldn’t — do something like this, you really get a pretty amazing perspective on how much distance people can have on an issue, how valid all these different arguments are … and you get dizzy.”

Clark concludes, “In the end, I think of all the young girls who come to my shows, I think of those faces, I think of my mother, and I worry about the signal it sends to them at a time when it seems like sex is a fast track to media attention. In a world of Madonna and Britney, Justin and Janet and everything else, I’d like to make the empowerment about being me. If I’m sexy enough for Playboy to want me with my clothes on, then I hope the message can be that sexy is about what’s between your ears, in your heart and your smile. Even Playboy could see that. So that’s as far as you need to go to catch someone’s attention. Besides, as Playboys go, I’ve always been more partial to Bob Wills’ band.”