Paisley, Worley Get Informal at Radio Seminar

Brad Paisley and Darryl Worley were among four songwriters giving country radio disc jockeys and program directors a preview of some songs that could eventually turn up on their future albums. SherriĆ© Austin and Jim Collins also performed at the informal acoustic show that took place Thursday (March 4) during the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville. Worley and Austin delved into their musical influences on his “If I Could Tell the Truth” (inspired by Merle Haggard) and Austin’s “Somethin’ Missin’ in the Kissin'” (a ’40s-styled swing number). Paisley and Collins weren’t afraid to interject some humor into the performance. Paisley offered a tender ballad about romantic relationships and the importance of men leaving the toilet seat down. Collins, whose songwriting credits include Kenny Chesney’s “The Good Stuff” and “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy,” poked fun at a popular hairstyle with “Kill the Mullet.”
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