Chesney’s Merchandise Truck Destroyed

A truck carrying Kenny Chesney’s tour merchandise was destroyed by fire early Saturday morning (April 17), after it was struck by a car driving the wrong way on an interstate on-ramp near Little Rock, Ark. The driver of the car collided with the fuel tank of the truck, but both drivers escaped serious injury. More than $1.5 million worth of merchandise was lost in the fire. Chesney said, “The way those things go up — and this one went pretty fast — you only have a small window of time to get out. And the person driving the other car went to the hospital, and he’s been released. Everyone’s shook up, and it sure reminds you to take nothing for granted … but the main thing is, even though we lost all the merch and the Gator we run it around on, everybody’s getting returned to their families in one piece.”