Conway Twitty Sings a Song He Never Heard

"Duet" With Anita Cochran Contrived From Old Recordings

Conway Twitty is back — and sounding larger than life — with a song that was written 10 years after he died.

Titled “(I Wanna Hear) A Cheatin’ Song,” it pairs him with Warner Bros. Records’ Anita Cochran, who wrote the song following a conversation she had about Twitty with her co-producer, Warner Bros. Nashville president, Jim Ed Norman. The single will be released to radio on Monday (June 7).

Norman, who was head of the Warner Bros. country division during Twitty’s 1982-87 tenure at the label, created the late singer’s part of the “duet” by slicing out specific words and, in some cases, syllables from master recordings and then putting them in the sequence Cochran’s lyrics dictated.

Before undertaking this strangest of tasks, Norman contacted Twitty’s widow and co-producer, Dee Jenkins, for her approval. She not only gave her OK but also provided Cochran and Norman a master list of lyrics and suggestions of where certain words or phrases might be found.

A spokeswoman for Warner Bros. says that Jenkins’ response to the finished record was, “I am amazed that they can do this, and I love the song. I definitely think it was a song that Conway would have recorded.”

The song will be included in Cochran’s forthcoming album, God Created Woman. Twitty died June 5, 1993.

Edward Morris is a veteran of country music journalism. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and is a frequent contributor to