Terri Clark Fans Get Excited at Fan Club Party

A young fan was overcome with joy as she met Terri Clark at the singer’s fan club party Wednesday (June 9) at The Trap in Nashville. “Oh, my God!” Kristen Watson of Savannah, Ga., exclaimed as she walked up for Clark’s autograph. Laughing and giving the girl a hug, Clark asked, “Are you going to be okay?” Explaining her excitement, Watson told CMT News, “I have her posters on my walls, and I’ve loved her since I was 14 years old, and I just couldn’t believe it.” Proving that stars can still identify with the fan’s reaction, Clark said, “I remember when I felt that way about Barbara Mandrell and Reba McEntire, and I was in their fan clubs. I know how they [fans] feel — but it’s me. It’s weird.” (To view photos from the party, visit the CMA Music Festival page at CMT.com.)