CMT Hot Dish: Brad Paisley Has a Corvette for Daddy

Country Star Tells His Father to Make Room for Another Car in the Driveway

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Hey, Doug Paisley! Brad’s gonna give you the red Corvette!

Before boarding a plane in Hartford, Conn., that would take him to Calgary, Alberta, where his wife, actress Kimberly Williams (According to Jim) is shooting a made-for-TV movie, Brad Paisley called me and started talking about his love for Corvettes. He has two — a red one and a blue one.

Don’t need the red Corvette, Doug. It’s yours.

Brad has been bird-dogging the newest model with a different body style that’s just arriving in showrooms, but he hates to spend money. Brad has been too tight to buy a new car. “Always buy used cars, my dad taught me,” he said. But, Lord, Brad loves the way those new ones look.

Doug, when are you coming for the red Corvette your son is giving you?

Brad’s dad, Doug Paisley, was always a nut over cars. Doug’s dad (Brad’s grandfather) had a car dealership selling Chevys and Pontiacs. As a teen, Doug’s first job was working for him. One of the things he loved to do was to go someplace, pick up a car and drive it back to his hometown of Glen Dale, W.Va. He’d buy some piece of junk car, fix it up and resell it. Doug shared his love for cars with Brad when he was a small kid by buying and collecting match box cars. Doug, like Brad, is a car man — a Corvette man.

There is a Corvette in wait for free for you, Doug. From Brad.

When he bought his first Corvette, Brad called his dad in West Virginia, not knowing the elder’s infatuation with them. “Dad was so excited,” he said. “He wanted to fly down and drive the car back to Nashville.” After learning about how much his dad loves Corvettes, Brad realized that he had always secretly always wanted to own one.

Hey Doug, Brad’s giving you the Corvette you’ve always wanted.

“Hazel, I been trying to figure how to tell Dad I’m giving him the red Corvette,” Brad told me. “Will you help me tell Daddy I’m giving it to him as a present? You put it up on, and let’s see how long it takes for him to find out about it.”

Doug, you need to get in touch with Brad. The red Corvette is yours, honey. No, you are not going to pay him for it. It’s a gift.

Before hanging up, Brad wanted to talk about the video for “Whiskey Lullaby,” his hit duet with Alison Krauss. “I’d decided not to do a video on the song,” he said. “Rick Schroder [the actor who directed the video] did a treatment and sent it to the label. They loved it. Rick tried to find me, and I’d tried to find him.”

Meanwhile ABC-TV was flying the entire cast of According to Jim by Learjet to New York for some media appearances. Just before takeoff, they were told to pick up a passenger in Phoenix. When the plane stopped, in walked Rick Schroder. “Who here knows Brad Paisley?” asked Schroder without saying howdy. Stunned, the passengers raised their hands. Kim allowed, “I kinda do.”

Brad was on his way to meet Kim for a couple of days in New York, and that’s where he hooked up with Schroder. Hence, a great video.

Come and get your Corvette, Doug!

Hey Brad, we’re glad to help you out anytime.

Samson & Delilah, Keech & Elissa
Captivated by the arms and charms of the lovely but deceitful Delilah, Samson fell asleep for reasons unknown. Shoot, maybe he was tired from kissing or something. Read the Good Book and you will see that while the big man slept, his paramour cut his long and beautiful hair — the source of his strength.

The fact that Lonestar’s heavy-handed drummer, Keech Rainwater, has shorn his long, blond locks has nothing to do with the fact he plans to wed Canadian beauty Elissa Landsdell at her home church in Toronto on Sept. 25, does it? And has nothing to do with Samson & Delilah, does it? The last time we checked, Keech can still lift his drumsticks,
so his strength is still intact.

Hair today — gone tomorrow — to carry around the name Elissa Rainwater until ’death do us part’ is proof the woman loves the man, hair or no hair.

Got in a Draft and Caught Cold??
Since Rascal Flatts bandmate Joe Don Rooney dropped his britches for a video, the thought crossed my mind that just maybe he might’ve dropped ’em again, causing Gary LeVox to get in a draft. (Mama always said if you get in a draft, you catch a sore throat.)

Whatever the case, Rascal Flatts, opening act for Kenny Chesney had to lay down the guitars when doctor ordered vocal rest for LeVox’s sore throat. Off for the night, the swingingest, hippest, coolest guy, Keith Urban, flew into Hartford, Conn., guitar in hand, and mesmerized the crowd with a 30-minute solo performance. According to Chesney, when Keith walked onstage unannounced with his guitar, the crowd went so loud and so wild you could not hear yourself think.

Joe Don, keep your britches on. Gary, get well and stay out of those drafts.

Billy Edd Who??
In my second installment for, I’m happy to report that Billy Edd Wheeler came to Music City recently. You young bucks may not recognize the name Billy Edd Wheeler, and it’s a shame. Billy Edd penned “Reverend Mr. Black” for the Kingston Trio, “Jackson” for Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, “Coward of the County” for Kenny Rogers and a passel more hits.

In town to autograph his book, Appalachian Star, the ever-clever Billy Edd was heard to say he did 14 years of research before writing his No. 3 hit, “Ode to the Little Brown Shack Out Back,” a 1964 tribute to that vanishing symbol of early rural America — the outdoor john. The Swannanoa, N.C. resident added that he was 16 years old before he actually saw indoor plumbing. You know what? I believe him. His birthplace, Whitesville, W.Va., is not even on the map.

The illegitimate son of a coal miner, Billy Edd Wheeler — singer, songwriter, musician, actor, poet, performer, educator and self-made man — is living proof if you want to be somebody, you can.

The reason for his DUI arrest, poor Glen Campbell allowed he was “overserved.” Lord
knows, now I know why I’m heavyset. Overserved!

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