Yoakam Sued by His Bandleader-Producer

Dwight Yoakam’s longtime guitarist and producer has filed suit against the singer for financial losses stemming from a series of concerts he expected to perform in 2002. Pete Anderson, who has also served as Yoakam’s bandleader, filed suit in a California court against Yoakam and his company, Dwight Yoakam Tours Inc. In the suit, Anderson claims that he and Yoakam had an oral agreement between 1990 and 2003 for Anderson to hire and supervise Yoakam’s touring band, write the band’s musical arrangements and direct the band onstage. Anderson alleges that Yoakam decided against touring in October 2002, opting to film a movie. Anderson’s suit seeks unspecified damages, but it includes approximately $44,000 in lost salary.