Attorney Responds to Lynn’s Suit Against Publishing Company

An attorney representing Sure-Fire Music, a Nashville music publishing company, has issued a response to Loretta Lynn’s recent lawsuit seeking to regain copyrights to 114 songs she wrote or co-wrote. Lynn is attempting to nullify a 1966 contract with Sure-Fire Music Company that provided the publishing company the copyrights to her songs. Sure-Fire was founded by the late Teddy and Doyle Wilburn, a successful singing duo that helped launch Lynn’s career. Noting that Lynn was under an exclusive songwriting agreement with Sure-Fire Music until 1986, attorney Norman Gillis said in a prepared statement, “She has not written any songs under that agreement since 1972. Sure-Fire owns the copyrights for songs written by Ms. Lynn under that agreement. Sure-Fire has several agreements with Ms. Lynn concerning these songs, but no agreement provides for the return of any copyrighted material, and there is no basis for the return of the copyrights to her. Sure-Fire and the Wilburn family, which owns the company, have had virtually no personal relationship with Ms. Lynn in 30 years.”