Dennis Quaid Plans Spade Cooley Film Biography

Dennis Quaid is taking a special interest in the life of fiddler and bandleader Spade Cooley, who helped popularize the phrase “western swing.” Quaid is set to write, direct and star in a film biography, tentatively titled Shame on You, which is also the title of Cooley’s 1945 hit. A major force in country music on the West Coast during the 1940s, Cooley is perhaps better known for the 1961 torture and murder of his wife. He was serving a life sentence at California’s Vacaville Prison when he died of a heart attack in 1969 during a 72-hour furlough to perform at a police benefit in Oakland, Calif. Quaid, a musician who occasionally tours with his band, the Sharks, previously portrayed Jerry Lee Lewis in the 1989 biopic, Great Balls of Fire!