Twain, Chesney, Keith Score Heavily in Tour Figures

Year-end figures compiled by Billboard Boxscore show that Shania Twain finished in third place in tour revenues for 2004 among all touring artists. Only Madonna and Prince had higher-grossing tours. Madonna’s Re-invention tour grossed $125 million, selling out 55 of 56 performances. Prince’s Musicology tour drew nearly 1.5 million people, the highest among all acts, and grossed $90.2 million. Twain was third with grosses totaling $62.5 million and drawing almost 950,000 fans. The Top 10 is rounded out by Simon & Garfunkel ($59 million), Metallica ($53.8 million), Bette Midler ($53.3 million), Sting ($52.4 million), Kenny Chesney ($49.3 million), David Bowie ($46 million) and Toby Keith ($44.3 million). Country artists fared well in 2004 with three acts in the Top 10 and five in the Top 25 (six counting countrified Jimmy Buffett). George Strait finished at 26th. With 1.1 million in attendance, Chesney sold more tickets than any act other than Prince at 1.4 million.