Chely Wright Dismisses Fan Club President

Chely Wright has dismissed the president of her fan club after a reporter for a Nashville newspaper questioned her about a group of fans’ methods of seeking increased radio airplay for her current single, “Bumper of My SUV.” Wright secured the resignation of Chuck Walter, an unpaid volunteer based in New York, and shut down all activities of a 17-member volunteer street team who allegedly posed as veterans or family of military personnel in requesting the song at radio stations throughout the nation via phone calls and e-mails. Wright says she was inspired to write the patriotic song when a driver saw the U.S. Marines bumper sticker on her vehicle and responded with an obscene gesture. Noting that she was unaware of the promotional tactics, Wright said, “I, in no way, condone or endorse the actions of my fan club president.” She added, “I wish to apologize on behalf of my organization and any representative of my organization that may have engaged in any activity that could be construed as unethical.” The Tennessean newspaper ran the allegations in a 2,600-word story on the front page of its Sunday (Dec. 19) edition.