Chesney’s New Album Arrives Nov. 8

Kenny Chesney’s new album, The Road & the Radio, will be released Nov. 8. Chesney wrote the title track — a song about traveling the highways with radio as a constant companion. His most recent album, Be As You Are: Songs From an Old Blue Chair, was released in January as an introspective project that was not designed for airplay on mainstream country radio stations. The Road & the Radio is being touted as the official follow-up to 2004’s quadruple-platinum When the Sun Goes Down. Describing the title track, Chesney said, “You can find your answers out on the road — or listening to the radio — and it’s certainly the way I’ve always lived my life. Touring around and listening to the [stories] people tell me about the songs I’ve cut, I realize a lot of other people live their life between the white lines and the grooves in the road, too.”