The Warren Brothers Put the Pencil to Their Sales Figures

Capitalizing on the first week sales success of Faith Hill’s Fireflies, the RCA Label Group in Nashville has distributed a humorous press release with a headline proclaiming, “More Than 350,000 People Buy the Warren Brothers During Debut Week of Barely Famous Hits.” In reality, first-week sales of Barely Famous Hits totaled 5,440 copies — still a record-breaking sales week for the duo’s own CDs. The press release went on to point out that the 350,000 figure also included the weekly sales tally of CDs featuring songs written by the brothers. Those songs include “The Lucky One” (on Fireflies), “Blank Sheet of Paper” (on Tim McGraw’s Live Like You Were Dying) and “I Can’t Help Myself” (on Van Zant’s self-titled country debut).