Wilson Agrees to Attorney General’s Skoal Request

Gretchen Wilson’s personal manager has assured Tennessee Attorney General Paul G. Summers the singer will no longer pull a can of smokeless tobacco out of her pocket when she performs the new song, “Skoal Ring,” at her concerts. Summers issued a press release Friday (Aug. 26) noting that Wilson’s manager, Dale Morris, told him the singer never intended to promote Skoal or the use of smokeless tobacco. Earlier this week, Summers asked Wilson to refrain from displaying the tobacco can at concerts. He cited a 1998 master settlement agreement with tobacco corporations that called for the companies to stop targeting young people in its marketing campaigns. Although Wilson is voluntarily honoring Summers’ request, Morris emphasized that she does not have an endorsement deal any tobacco company. “Skoal Ring” is a track from Wilson’s upcoming album, All Jacked Up.