Miranda Lambert’s Tour Diary

CMA Horizon Award Nominee Reports From the Keith Urban Tour

(Editor’s note: While opening shows on Keith Urban’s national tour, Miranda Lambert will be sharing her thoughts and photos with CMT.com readers each week.)


Well, here we are in Rapid City, S.D. In case you’ve been hiding under a rock and haven’t heard me freaking out for the last three months, WE’RE ON TOUR WITH KEITH URBAN. And girls, he’s much hotter in person … and he smells GREAT. And no, you can’t have backstage passes. (Keep your hands off.)

The shows have been unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Keith and his band are all dynamic performers. (You ought to see Jerry, the bass player, grooving on stage.) We all watch them every night trying to learn a few tricks of the trade. The entire organization is filled with top-notch people, and they have taken great care of all of us. I was excited before we left for this run, but I couldn’t have dreamed that we’d be having this much fun. They make me feel like a total rock star.

We played a funny joke on Keith a couple days ago. I sent him a note telling him that I wanted to sing a duet with him. I told him we should do “Lift Us Up Where We Belong,” the cheesy old duet from Dirty Dancing. I think he got a kick out of it because we got word the next day that he was studying up on the lyrics and learning the dance moves. Maybe we’ll have it nailed by the end of the tour.

We started the tour in Boise, Idaho on Sept. 9. Since then, we’ve been to The Gorge in George, Wash., which was one of the bigger nights on the tour (there were 20,000 people there). Then we headed over to Montana and played Missoula and Bozeman (where we got to tour the Gibson acoustic guitar plant). Then we headed into Salt Lake City, Utah, and played at the E Center, the big hockey arena. Last night, we played Red Rocks Amphitheatre just outside of Denver. This venue has been voted “Best Place in the Nation to See a Show,” like, 15 years in a row. When we walked onstage and the lights dimmed, it may have been the most breathless I have ever felt in my life. OK, it might have been from the altitude, too. No, really … the stage is literally stuck into the side of the mountain. You have to hike up the mountain after you park your car. The show was sold out in advance, and I’ve finally started feeling like more people know who I am than don’t. For a long time after “Me and Charlie …” came out, I’d see a few people in the audience singing along. Then, “Bring Me Down” came out, and I’d notice a few more in the audience who knew who I was. Now we’re out with Keith, and there are 10,000 people a night, and it seems like every one of them is singing at the top of their lungs. For me, there’s no greater feeling in the world.

This morning, I woke up and there was a package on my bus. It was the final copy of my new video, “Kerosene.” It’s the best video I’ve done so far, and the director, Trey Fanjoy, thought it might be the coolest one she’s ever done. I won’t give away any details, but let’s just say I look really mad … and this might be because I ate nothing but salad for the three weeks leading up to the shoot. My friend, Travis Howard, my co-writer and co-star from Nashville Star, plays my love (and hate) interest. Watch for it on CMT, it should be out at the end of this month … and VOTE FOR ME ON THE TOP 20 COUNTDOWN! Shameless self-promotion … I’m guilty.

I’m really, really excited to be nominated for the CMA Horizon Award. And who read my nomination? Keith Urban. Maybe it’s some kind of weird fate thing. I’m up against some great acts — Dierks Bentley, Sugarland, Big & Rich and Julie Roberts. I just feel lucky to be in the running. The CMAs will be at Madison Square Garden in New York City in November. How cool is that going to be? Country music is in “the Big Apple.” I think I hear a shopping spree calling my name. With all these guys around all the time, I sometimes forget that I’m a girl and I’m built to shop.

Well, I hear Keith’s soundcheck coming to an end, so I’m sure my tour manager will be coming in here anytime to make me go to work. I better wrap this chapter up, but with so much going on every day, I can’t wait to sit back down and write it all down. God bless everybody …