Miranda Lambert: Tour Diary (Part 2)

An Invitation to Keith Urban's Bus ... and a Duet on a Merle Haggard Classic

(Editor’s note: While opening shows on Keith Urban’s national tour, Miranda Lambert is sharing her thoughts and photos with CMT.com readers.)


So it’s only been one week since I sat down and wrote, but it seems like a year has gone by. We’re on the bus traveling home (a place I haven’t seen in a long time!) from Grand Forks, N.D. Last night was the end of the first leg of the Keith Urban tour and probably the most memorable night of the run thus far. Night before last, in Green Bay, Wis., I actually had an opportunity to spend some time with Keith. Because of everything we both have going on during the days (soundchecks, radio, meet and greets, etc.), it’s really hard to visit. It was so cool to get to pick his brain and hear his take on everything from music to business. Keith is so down to earth, and it made the trip for me to get to spend time with him. But that night paled in comparison to the next day.

Yesterday morning, we woke up in Grand Forks. I went and worked out, and when I was walking back on my bus, Keith jumped off his and asked me to come aboard. He had a guitar sitting in the front lounge, and he asked me to sit down and play. He told me he’d been listening to my record the night before and said I was “a really great writer.” He asked me if I would consider singing a duet with him during his show later that night. Umm … YES! We tossed around a couple ideas and finally settled on (who else) a Merle Haggard song, “Silver Wings.” I kind of wanted to practice, but Keith said he wanted the duet to have an impromptu feel to it. We ran over it once at soundcheck to make sure everything worked. I did my set, ran backstage for a minute and then walked out to watch the first half of Keith’s. When Keith walked on stage, I looked up, and he was wearing one of my black Kerosene T-shirts! Then I noticed that Jerry (bass player) and Chris (guitar player) were wearing them, as well! Then, I started looking around and realized that EVERYONE in Keith’s band and crew were wearing my black Kerosene T-shirts! It was the coolest thing ever!

Before I knew it, it was time for me to sing. The crowd erupted when Keith brought me up. I was REALLY nervous, and I hardly ever get nervous. I started the song, and Keith sang harmony and played lead guitar. There were about 8,000 people watching, and Keith and I were the only two on stage. I think you could have heard a pin drop. The song went so well, and it all happened so fast. When we were done, I did what I’ve done every other night on this tour — stand on the side of the stage and watch Keith’s amazing show. Even though we’ve got two other dates next week, we said “goodbye” and “thank you” to everyone on Keith’s crew who has made us feel so welcome. Everyone — from the set carpenters to the guitar techs — was absolutely wonderful, and I sincerely hope we get to play with them a bunch in the future.

So today is the day my new single, “Kerosene,” is being released. The new video will have its world premiere on Yahoo! and CMT on Thursday. I’m so ready. It seems like all my fans have been waiting for this song to be released for months. It’s our favorite tune to play live, and it always gets the best crowd response. Hopefully, you’ll all call your radio stations and request it!

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m heading home for a little rest and relaxation. Looking out the window, I’d say we’re in either southern Kansas or northern Oklahoma. You know, I read somewhere that before Johnny Cash died that he claimed he could look out a bus window and tell within 30 miles where he was in the U.S. I don’t know if I’m quite there yet, but I will one day. We’ll be home for a few days and then head to Nashville before rejoining Keith for the last two shows. I will say that I’m looking really forward to getting back to playing our own shows. We’ve been working on some new songs for the live set and can’t wait to work them into the show.

So that’s it for now. I’m gonna spend some time with my dog, Dixie, and my family, and I’ll check in from the road next week. Thanks to all who cheer. You give me the chance to do what I love …