Big & Rich Working on Documentary of Vietnam Battle

Big & Rich are producing a film documentary about a battle in Vietnam in 1965 that claimed the lives of 48 U.S. soldiers. The documentary stems from “8th of November,” a song featured on the duo’s upcoming album, Comin’ to Your City. The song and documentary are inspired by Niles Harris, one of the soldiers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade who survived the ambush by more than 1,200 Vietcong during Operation Hump. Big Kenny and partner John Rich recently returned from a five-day trip to Vietnam to visit the battle site. “We’ve had guys over there for the past several months locating the exact battlefield,” Big Kenny told “We found the commander of the opposing army. We interviewed him. We found one of the Vietcong liaisons, the guys who were feeding information back and forth. We’ve learned so much. It’s been so eye-opening.”