Actor John Corbett Previews First Album

Actor John Corbett (Northern Exposure, Sex in the City) showcased samples from his forthcoming self-titled album Monday (Nov. 21) at Nashville’s Mercy Lounge. Dressed in jeans and a denim jacket, the tall, lanky West Virginian seemed genuinely touched as he thanked the packed house for coming out to see him. “I was secretly afraid that nobody was going to be here tonight,” he confessed. “It really changed my life meeting a lot of you people.” He announced up front that he was going to do a half-hour show before taking a break and coming out to greet the well-wishers. He promised, though, that he would be back with his three-piece band to do more music if the crowd would just stay with him. “If one person stays,” he amended, “maybe we’ll do it.” Later on, to reinforce his invitation to linger, he pointed behind him and said, “We did bring all this nice equipment.” He thanked the songwriters who had contributed to his album, particularly Jon Randall, but he reserved his greatest praise for music publisher Ree Guyer Buchanan. “She really made all this happen,” he asserted. Corbett sang six songs in his opening segment, including “Cash,” a tribute to the Man in Black. He ended the set with “The Only Daddy That’ll Walk the Line.” Following the intermission, about half the crowd stayed on for another 20-minute set. Corbett’s album is scheduled to be in record stores on March 14.