Police Investigate Allegation Involving Hank Williams Jr.

Memphis police are continuing to investigate the allegations of a 19-year-old waitress who claims Hank Williams Jr. choked her after he cursed at her and then tried to kiss her. The waitress was working at the Peabody Hotel when the incident was reportedly witnessed by another hotel employee around midnight Saturday (March 18). Williams has been staying at the luxury hotel since arriving in Memphis to be with two of his daughters, Holly and Hilary Williams, who were seriously injured in a March 15 traffic accident near Dundee, Miss. In a written statement, Williams’ publicist, Kirt Webster, said he was “shocked” at the allegation, adding, “Hank and [his] family is still staying at the hotel. If any issues were problematic, one would think that the hotel would ask him to check out or leave the premises. Neither has happened.”