Mindy McCready Cleared of DUI Charge

Mindy McCready has been cleared of a drunk driving charge stemming from a May 2005 incident in Nashville’s posh Belle Meade neighborhood. McCready refused to take a breath alcohol test after she was stopped for speeding while driving a friend’s vehicle, and police claimed she smelled of alcohol and failed a field sobriety test. McCready testified she was wearing 6-inch high heels the night of her arrest but removed her shoes for the field sobriety test. She said she kept tripping on the leg of her long pants and that it was painful to walk on rocks with her bare feet. The jury deliberated more than five hours before acquitting the singer of the DUI charge. However, McCready was found guilty of driving on a suspended license. She claims she was driving only to prevent her intoxicated friend from driving. McCready remains on three years of supervised probation after pleading guilty in 2004 of presenting a fraudulent prescription for the painkiller OxyContin to a Nashville-area pharmacy.