Sara Evans Discusses Return to Dancing With the Stars

Country Star and Dance Partner Plan to "Shake It" During a Mambo

Sara Evans’ fans rallied last week to offset low scores from the judges on the TV competition, Dancing With the Stars. And despite rather harsh criticism from the other two judges, choreographer Carrie Ann Inaba told her, “I think you have a natural grace about you which is very nice. I would love to see you just open up.”

Evans is taking the advice to heart. After performing the fox trot on the first show of season, she and partner Tony Dovolani will be heating things up this week with the mambo.

Shortly after MSNBC political pundit Tucker Carlson was voted off during last week’s show in Los Angeles, CMT Insider’s Lisa Lee talked to Evans and Dovolani about what fans can expect when Dancing With the Stars airs again Tuesday (Sept. 19) at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

CMT Insider: What a difference one night makes. The power of country music fans, right?

Evans: Yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! We love you!

Dovolani: The power of country fans! Thank you!

What was it like to be up there and have to go through that?

Evans: Well, right when they were getting ready to do it, I told Tony, “I need your hand, I need your hand, and so he grabbed my hand, and then they said, “You made it through,” and I couldn’t let go of you! Are you OK.

Dovolani: It’s OK. You can choke me all you want.

How are you going to celebrate making it through to the next round?

Dovolani: We’re gonna go back to work.

Evans: Yeah, we’re gonna go right to the dance studio tomorrow. And we’re gonna start working on the mambo.

Dovolani: That’s exactly what we’re gonna do. … We will make sure that we’re always gonna keep the country fans proud of us.

One thing the judges said was that they want to see more of your personality. Is the mambo going to give her a chance to show that off?

Dovolani: Look out! That’s all I’ve got to say. Everything’s gonna come at them now. (laughs)

Evans: Yeah, and especially after this week. Now I know what the judges want. They want personality, and the fox trot is a different kind of dance. It’s very formal. So with the mambo, I’m just gonna shake it.

Dovolani: We are going to shake it a lot.

Do you have anything that you’re going to do to loosen yourself up?

Evans: Not that we can say. I mean, we do some stretches like you’ve never seen together. (laughs) No, I’m kidding.

Dovolani: Actually, what she’s gonna do to loosen up is be herself. … We just need to show these people who Sara Evans is.

Evans: Wait, and one more thing. To all my country fans, I’m gonna take a big ol’ shot of Jack Daniel’s, and then I’m gonna do the mambo. (laughs)

I heard that [actress] Kelly Monaco, got a 13 on her first show, and she won last year’s competition.

Evans: That’s true. That’s true. You never know. I’m gonna work my butt off. That’s all I know.

Dovolani: We are most certainly gonna do that.