Jimmy Buffett Responds to Drug Allegations

Jimmy Buffett says French authorities confiscated a vitamin supplement — not the party drug, Ecstasy — when they fined him last week while leaving an airport in Toulon, France. Reports of the incident began surfacing Friday (Oct. 6) in the U.S., although most of the details were unclear — including the specific charges and the number of pills found in his luggage. He was fined approximately $400 and allowed to continue his travel plans. In a message on his official Web site, Buffett acknowledges he was traveling with several prescription medicines, including Foltx, a vitamin B supplement. “I knew Foltx was a vitamin supplement, not a love drug,” Buffett said. “I paid the fine, gathered my bags and my friends, and as soon as they opened that door, I walked — rather rapidly — towards my plane and flew out. In Toulon, the stern faced authorities couldn’t take the truth as the simple answer to a few simple questions — trying to turn vitamins into Ecstasy. In these days and times, the truth sadly gets lost in the gossip at an alarming rate.” As for Ecstasy, he said, “I have never taken it and couldn’t tell you the difference between a hit of Ecstasy and Excedrin PM. My vices these days consist of boat drinks, beer, wine and the occasional hot fudge sundae.” Buffett performs Thursday (Oct. 12) on NBC’s Today to promote his new album, Take the Weather With You.