Evans is “Worried” About Her Husband, Their Families

She Sits for Interview on Dancing With the Stars

Sara Evans told Dancing With the Stars host Tom Bergeron that she is “worried about everyone involved” in her messy divorce from husband Craig Schelske. Although it was taped earlier in the week, the nearly seven-minute interview aired during the popular prime-time television show on Tuesday (Oct. 17) on ABC.

“The horrific thing about this whole deal is the fact that it’s all over the Internet,” she said. “I’m worried about everybody involved. I’m worried about my husband, I’m worried about his family, I’m worried about my family. But I’m also very grateful for the outpouring of love and support I’ve gotten from fans and friends and people in the industry and people all over the world.”

Evans filed for divorce on Thursday (Oct. 12) and withdrew as a competitor on the show. In a statement at the time, she asked fans to “respect and understand her need for privacy in the face of these recent events.”

However, the divorce proceedings have been anything but private, with lurid sexual details (her husband’s pornography and nude photos of himself) and her recent charges that her former friend and nanny Alison Clinton cheated with Schelske (which the other two parties deny).

After coming home from last week’s results show, Evans said that “something happened” — without mentioning, as alleged in her divorce complaint, that their 7-year-old son stumbled upon Schelske watching porn in the Beverly Hills home the family was renting. “It’s very personal and it was very traumatic. It was very hard for my children. Things drastically went downhill a hundred miles an hour.” Evans filed for divorce in Tennessee the next day.

Asked by Bergeron what was next for her, Evans replied, “I can’t wait to go home and get back in my house and cook and clean and do laundry and do homework and watch movies and snuggle up and just be a mom.”

She is currently in Tennessee and Schelske is believed to be with his family in Oregon, his home state. Evans also said she and her family agreed she should quit the show to return to Nashville to care for the couple’s three children.

If she had continued on the show, she said, “I think I would have had a nervous breakdown because here I am doing this. I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know how the children are doing. I needed to be right there and to look at my son at all times and the expression on his face and to see if he’s crying. I put him on the phone with our pastor immediately. I just needed to take care of my children. I knew that. I knew that nothing in my career, no television show, nothing was more important than that.”

Asked first how she was doing, she remarked, “I think right now I’m in shock. I think if you had asked me when I was a little girl if I thought anything like this would happen in my life — no.”

Later, she declared that “I am completely against divorce. My intention was to continue to try everything within my power” to keep the marriage intact.

She also announced that she’d like to come back for the season finale of Dancing With the Stars, which pairs celebrities with professional dancers, with viewers calling in to support their favorites.

“The good thing is that I’m so used to performing,” she said, referring to the challenges of going through difficult times in the public eye. “As you know, as an entertainer we have that ability to flip the switch, turn it on, do the dance and make it through the day. That’s what I was hoping was going to happen throughout the entire life of the show.”

When her dance partner Tony Dovolani joined the interview, she teased him for being Albanian and also noted that he will choreograph her next tour. She also admitted that she knew he’d be disappointed, but Dovolani supported her decision.

Evans also took a moment to say thanks to the viewers who kept her on the show.

“All I can say to the fans is, it has been unbelievable to me,” she said. “I know that I worked really hard and I believe with my whole heart that I was put on that show for a reason. I was in the midst of this show during this time for a reason. I have felt so much love and support from the fans, even before all this happened. People were calling and voting for me and for whatever reason they could identify with me. It is so humbling. I’ll never forget it. I will never forget every second of this experience. I want to thank everybody from the bottom of my heart.”