Two Arrested for Stealing Hank Williams’ Notebook

Two people have been arrested for stealing a notebook that once belonged to Hank Williams. A music memorabilia collector and a former custodian at Sony/ATV Music Publishing turned themselves in Monday (Oct. 30) and have been released on bond. Stephen M. Shutts said he had purchased the 59-year-old notebook of lyrics at a garage sale and later sold it for an undisclosed amount. Francine Boykin told police she had found the notebook in the trash while working in the Sony/ATV building. Although Shutts’ attorney says the notebook is being kept in a safe place, it has not been returned to Sony/ATV. Shutts and former Mavericks bassist Robert Reynolds are co-owners of the Honky Tonk Hall of Fame and Rock & Roll Roadshow, a mobile exhibit that is displayed at concerts and festivals. Reynolds has not been charged in connection with the notebook.