Buck Owens’ Bassist Doyle Holly Dies at 70

Doyle Holly, a member of Buck Owens’ band during its heyday in the ’60s, died Saturday (Jan. 13) in Nashville after battling prostate cancer. He was 70. Born Doyle Floyd Hendricks in Perkins, Okla., he became bassist in Owens’ band, the Buckaroos, in 1963 and left in 1971 to pursue a solo career. On the road and in the studio, Holly worked in the Buckaroos during Owens’ creative peak, including an appearance on the 1966 album, The Carnegie Hall Concert, widely regarded as one of the greatest live albums in country music history. Guitarist-vocalist Don Rich, another member of the Buckaroos’ classic lineup, died in a motorcycle accident in 1974. Two members are still playing music — steel guitarist Tom Brumley (who lives in Missouri) and drummer Willie Cantu (who resides in Nashville). Owens died in 2006. As a solo artist signed to Barnaby Records, Holly charted seven singles in the ’70s. His most successful single, “Lila,” peaked at No. 17 in 1973.