Escaped Felon Steals Crystal Gayle’s Tour Bus

An escaped felon from Texas has been accused of stealing Crystal Gayle’s tour bus in Tennessee and abandoning it Thursday (Jan. 25) at the USA International Speedway in Lakeland, Fla. Christopher Daniel Gay escaped during a bathroom break in South Carolina on Sunday (Jan. 21) while being transported from Texas to Alabama, then stole a pickup truck and arrived in Manchester, Tenn, on Tuesday (Jan. 23). There, he is believed to have stolen a tractor-trailer filled with merchandise at a Wal-Mart store. He drove to his mother’s house in Pleasant View, Tenn., but fled just after crashing the trailer next to his mother’s house. Gayle’s bus was apparently later stolen from a storage lot near Nashville and driven to Florida by Gay. The singer and husband Bill Gatzimos, who also manages her, were unaware the vehicle was missing. Authorities in Florida said Gay arrived at the track and told security guards he was there to pick up NASCAR driver Tony Stewart. Gay then left the area after telling them he was going to a fast food restaurant. Gay was still at large Friday afternoon (Jan. 26), and the tour bus had still not been recovered.