Cubby the Bear Could Find Home in Museum

Cubby, the 600-pound black bear Montgomery Gentry’s Troy Gentry killed in 2004 in Minnesota, could be headed to a museum or a display highlighting improper hunting ethics, Gentry’s attorney tells the Pioneer Press newspaper in St. Paul, Minn. Gentry sent the bear to a taxidermist for mounting after shooting it with a bow in a fenced-in area. Cubby had been raised in captivity, and Gentry pleaded guilty in November that he falsely registered it as a wild kill. He paid a $15,000 fine and forfeited the bear’s hide. In exchange for his guilty plea, felony charges against Gentry for possessing illegally registered wildlife were dropped. Gentry’s attorney, Ron Meshbesher, said Gentry would be pleased with a public exhibit. He told the newspaper, “It hasn’t been fully decided, but there was some talk about a museum in Minnesota or the [Department of Natural Resources].”