Ten Country Love Songs We Love

Favorites Include Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw

In the realms of romance and the music biz, the word “jaded” comes up a lot. Yet, once in a while, a special song melts our hardened hearts. Rather than sending you all a box of chocolates, we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day this year with a list of country love songs that make us say, “Aaaaaaahhhh!”

“Flutter,” Jack Ingram
Jack’s songs often have a biting wit (“Barbie Doll,” “Love You”), but this one is just a flat-out declaration of the all-consuming, make-you-a-blithering-idiot kind of love. Guys usually try to play it so cool, so it’s nice to hear one of them lay it all on the line and admit to their girl “no one else makes my heart flutter like you.” Makes my heart flutter every time I hear it. — Lisa Lee, CMT Insider

“The Good Stuff,” Kenny Chesney
This song is about real love. … Love so deep a man was willing to shave his head when his wife lost her hair to cancer. True love is just that — the good stuff. — Hazel Smith, CMT.com

“Had It Not Been You,” Alan Jackson
When he sings about racing up the stairs, he shows that long-familiar love can still be playful. And when they’re apart, he can’t wait to answer the phone and hear the children chattering in the background. Every time I see a couple that still has the spark, I think of this song. — Craig Shelburne, CMT.com

“I Know How to Love You Well,” Tim McGraw
There just aren’t enough love songs for happily married, middle-aged couples. But when McGraw sings about how it’s been a while “since we walked that aisle together and you became my wife,” he does so in a self-deprecating way that’s charming and poetic. Every time I hear it, I fall a little deeper in love. (With my husband, not Tim.) — Alison Bonaguro, CMT.com

“I Love You a Thousand Ways,” Lefty Frizzell
Frizzell was in a bad place — both geographically and mentally — when he wrote this song for his wife. The old adage is that a great country song requires just three chords and the truth. As it turned out, Lefty only needed two chords to express the absolute truth in the original version of his 1950 hit. — Calvin Gilbert, CMT.com

“I Still Believe in You,” Vince Gill
It seriously breaks my heart every time I hear it. Every relationship has issues, but if you ultimately believe you still made the right choice in your partner, you can get through it all somehow. — Katie Cook, CMT Insider

“Slowly,” Webb Pierce
Watching love grow is a headier experience than seeing it in full blossom since the latter stage tends to involve discussions of furniture. — Edward Morris, CMT.com

“When I Said I Do,” Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black
There’s no beating around the bush with the lyrics. It’s just so true and so sweet and gets me every time! It’s about devoting yourself entirely to another person. — Laura Douglas, CMT Insider

“You’re Not the Best,” Charlie Robison
It may just be a love song for bars and honky-tonks, but it fits here in the real world. With lines like “They say that love is blind, but lust has eyes like an eagle,” can you really argue? — Lance Smith, CMT Top 20 Countdown

“Young Love,” Sonny James
With its heart-pumping beat and operatic level of self-righteousness, this song sounds more like a political manifesto than a love letter. But what is love if not shameless excess? Well, don’t just stand there with your maw agape. Am I right or not? — Edward Morris, CMT.com