Michelle Branch Fan Arrested at Wreckers Concert

A 32-year-old fan was charged with disorderly conduct and released on a $150 bond after being arrested Monday (March 26) at the Wreckers’ concert in Sheboygan, Wis. Dominick Giordano of Bel Air, Md., had been following Wreckers member Michelle Branch across the nation at concerts since May 2003 and has sent her numerous letters and videos. Investigators allege that Giordano previously managed to sneak backstage at concerts and into private parties following Branch’s performances. Authorities said Giordano has been arrested in other states and that a restraining order issued following a 2004 incident in Arkansas has now expired. Branch, who spotted Giordano in the crowd during an encore, told police she’s frightened by his repeated attempts to contact her, especially since her 19-month-old daughter was with her at the concert. “He used to get his way into meet-and-greets and private events somehow and would try to approach her and touch her and just really inappropriate stuff,” road manager Joshua Scott told The Sheboygan Press.