Collin Raye’s Managers Create Starpointe Records

Collin Raye’s managers have established Starpointe Records specifically as a vehicle for his new single, “A Soldier’s Prayer.” Ken Kragen and Pat Melfi made the announcement Monday (May 21) at a press conference in Nashville. The track will be featured on Selected Hits, a six-song CD containing live versions of several of Raye’s Top 10 singles. Kragen and Melfi were in the final stages of negotiating a deal for Raye with a small independent label when Raye recorded “A Soldier’s Prayer” and gave an early mix of it to country radio programmers in Denver, Los Angeles and Milwaukee. Just as the song was gaining momentum at radio, the label negotiations fell through, leaving Raye with a potential hit and no label. “We were driven by the music and the moment,” said Kragen. Stressing that the song is not in defense of America’s current wars, Raye said, “The beautiful thing about ’A Soldier’s Prayer’ is that it doesn’t matter which political side of the aisle you’re on.” The album, co-produced by Alabama bassist Teddy Gentry and Michael Curtis, will be released in late June. Net proceeds from sales of the single will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, a charity that provides supplies, benefits counseling, family assistance and adaptive sports programs to injured soldiers.