Blake Shelton Assists Police in Burglary Arrest

Blake Shelton assisted law authorities in Ada, Okla., in last week’s arrest of a man who broke into a house owned by the singer’s uncle. Shelton’s mother, Dorothy Shackleford, told the Ada Evening News the events began when she received a phone call from her brother, Dempsey Byrd, shortly after 11 p.m. on July 9. “He said he woke up and there was a big man in his house, so Blake and I just jumped in the truck and went over there,” she said. After looking through the window and seeing the intruder, Shackleford explained, “Blake knocked on the door, and the man sort of stumbled over and opened it, and Blake said, ’Hey, you’re in my house, man.'” He told the man to wait on the porch until police arrived. The suspect, James Robert Gastineau, was later charged with first-degree burglary and public intoxication. When the newspaper reporter asked Shackleford if her son had signed any autographs for the law officers after the incident, she laughed, “I’m not even sure they recognized him, to be honest.”