John Michael Montgomery Sued by Fired Policeman

John Michael Montgomery is being sued by the police officer who arrested him on a drunken-driving charge in Lexington, Ky., in February 2006. According to the Lexington Herald-Leader newspaper, Joshua Cromer filed a slander lawsuit alleging the singer lied to the police department’s internal affairs unit. Cromer was fired after his MySpace page featured an image of his face superimposed on a photo of a fan standing next to the Montgomery. Cromer says the singer made several false allegations after his case was settled, including a claim that he stole Montgomery’s cowboy hat and that Montgomery was targeted for arrest because he is a celebrity. Montgomery entered an Alford plea on the DUI charge, acknowledging there was sufficient evidence for a conviction. He was fined and ordered to take an alcohol-education course. Cromer is appealing his termination from the police department.