CMA Broadcast Winners Revealed

The winners in the broadcast division of this year’s CMA Awards were announced Monday (Oct. 1). The broadcast personalities of the year are: Lia Knight, The Lia Show, Jones Radio Networks (national); Chris Carr, KEEY/Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn. (major market); Jim Denny, Kevin Freeman and Deborah Honeycut, WFMS/Indianapolis (large market); Dan Tooker, Jon Watkins and Colby Ericson, formerly on KFDI/Wichita, Kan. (medium market); and Gator Harrison and Greg “StyckMan” Owens, WGSQ/Cookeville, Tenn. (small market). CMA radio stations of the year are: KYGO/Denver (major market); WMIL, Milwaukee (large market); KXKT/Omaha, Neb. (medium market); and WKXC/Augusta, Ga. (small market).