Big Kenny Delivering School Supplies to Sudan

Kenny Alphin of Big & Rich and his wife, Christiev, traveled this week from Nashville to Akon, Sudan, to bring medical and school supplies, musical instruments and clothing to the Kunyuk School for Girls. In April, Alphin donated $50,000 to a charity that assists and protects women in Sudan, where hundreds of thousands of people have died from violence, malnutrition and disease as a result of the Sudanese government militia’s campaign against rebels in Darfur. Since donating the portion of the royalties he received from writing the Tim McGraw hit, “Last Dollar (Fly Away),” enrollment at the school has increased from 250 to 1,000. Alphin chartered a cargo plane to transport 25 crates of supplies to Sudan. He and singer-songwriter Damien Horne will perform for the children. “Whether they are abused across the street or across an ocean, all people deserve freedom and basic human rights,” said Alphin, who is paying all expenses for the trip. “I would spend every nickel I could get my hands on to help these people. It is the worst humanitarian crisis on our earth, and it is time we did something to stop it.”