Natalie Maines Speaks Out on Murder Case

Natalie Maines has written a letter on the Dixie Chicks’ Web site encouraging donations for legal fees to free the West Memphis Three, whom she believes were wrongly accused of murdering three children in 1993. Damien Echols, Jesse Misskelley, and Jason Baldwin were teenagers when convicted in 1994 for the deaths of three 8-year-olds in West Memphis, Ark. Maines said she recently watched two HBO documentaries about the case, researched the story online and corresponded with the wife of one of the accused murderers. In the letter, Maines writes, “The evidence is so strong that at the very least the judge will grant a new trial, but hopefully he will overturn the verdict and these guys will finally be sent home to their lives and families. I know that this is a hard thing to just take my word on, so please look at the case and the evidence for yourself. I am confident that you will see the DNA evidence is irrefutable and that these three men did not get the kind of trial that is promised to us — as Americans.”