Rascal Flatts Align With Online Game

Rascal Flatts have partnered with a company specializing in electronic toys and games for the exclusive rights to host the Rubik’s Revolution Light Speed online game on the band’s official Web site. The firm, Techno Source, is based in Hong Kong and also has offices in New York. Visitors to the Web site will also have a chance to win one of 100 Rubik’s Revolution cubes, with one winner receiving a pair of tickets and passes to meet Rascal Flatts at a concert. “Since the Rubik’s Revolution came out last summer, we have watched it become a pop culture phenomenon,” band member Jay DeMarcus said. “We’re excited that we can share the Light Speed online game with our fans on our Web site and give them the chance to win a Rubik’s Revolution cube of their own.” Guitarist Joe Don Rooney added, “Rubik’s Revolution is all about speed, especially the Light Speed game on the blue side. There are times when I just can’t put it down. And the online Light Speed game is just as addicting.”