President Bush Parodies “Green, Green Grass of Home” for Gridiron Crowd

In his final appearance at the Gridiron Dinner in Washington, President George W. Bush tipped his Stetson to country music by singing a parody of Curly Putman’s “Green, Green Grass of Home,” a 1965 Top 5 hit for Porter Wagoner. The Gridiron Club, founded in 1885, is Washington’s oldest journalistic organization. The annual dinner features a series of skits and musical numbers aimed at showing the lighter side of politics. Although Saturday’s (March 8) Gridiron high jinks were supposed to be confidential, various guests recorded fragments of the chief executive’s warbling on their phone cameras and posted them all over the Internet. Among his lyrical sallies: “I spend my days clearing brush/I clear my head of all the fuss/Like the fuss you made over Harriet and Brownie/Down the lane I look and here comes Scooter/Finally free of the prosecutor/It’s good to touch the brown, brown grass of home.”