Toby Keith Gives Guitars to Cast Members of His Latest Film

Ted Nugent, Rodney Carrington, Mel Tillis and Mac Davis were among the recipients when Toby Keith presented cast members with custom-built guitars when the main shooting concluded for his upcoming film, Beer for My Horses. The Takamine acoustic guitars display the film’s logo. Shot in Nevada and New Mexico, the film centers around small-town deputies and best friends who embark on a road trip to save one of their girlfriends from drug lord kidnappers. Keith also presented the special-edition guitars to actors Ted Nugent, Greg Serano, Brit Morgan, Barry Corbin, Gina Gershon, Claire Forlani and Tom Skerritt. Keith’s summer tour begins in June. Touring with him are three acts signed to his Show Dog Nashville label — Carter’s Chord, Mica Roberts and Trailer Choir.