Orbison to Be Honored With Boxed Set, Video Tour

Roy Orbison, who would have been 72 on April 23, will be commemorated this year by the release of a boxed set and a theatrical tour of a video concert. The CD boxed set is coming in September from Sony BMG and will include Orbison recordings on Sun, MGM, Sony and Virgin, as well as other labels. A spokesperson for the estate said rarities and previously unreleased songs will be included, along with a 100-page booklet. Also in September, a theatrical tour will be launched of Black & White Night with never-before released rehearsal footage and new interviews.The spokesperson said duets and country salute albums are also planned for later this year. Orbison died in 1988 of a heart attack. Black & White Night was first shown on television a month before Orbison’s death. It was filmed in concert in 1987 with guest artists including Bruce Springsteen, Bonnie Raitt, Tom Waits, Jackson Browne, T Bone Burnett and many others.