Despite Injury, Kenny Chesney’s Tour Continues As Planned

Kenny Chesney’s concert schedule will not be affected by an injury he sustained Saturday night (April 26) while aboard a hydraulic lift used during the opening of his concert in Columbia, S.C. The concert production began with Chesney being elevated onto a stage while the band provides the introduction to his opening song. At Saturday’s show, Chesney’s boot was lodged between the lift and the stage for nearly 40 seconds as the lift motor kept trying to push the platform up. Chesney managed to complete his performance that lasted almost two hours, but he was in considerable pain and received two shots of morphine after leaving the stage. Although initial reports indicated he crushed bones in his foot, Chesney later consulted with the Tennessee Titans’ sports medicine and orthopedic specialist after returning to Nashville on his tour bus early Sunday morning. The diagnosis is that Chesney sustained a hematoma from the ankle down — with most of the damage in his toes. Chesney emphasized to his doctor that he wanted to avoid cancelling any concerts. His next show takes place Thursday (May 1) in Austin, Texas. “He told me it’s going to hurt — though nothing could hurt worse than Saturday, I don’t think — and they can give me something to deaden the pain when I get out there,” Chesney said. “I also have to have a doctor standing by should something give, but I’m going to tape it up, and I’m going to get out there.”