Former Secretary for Twain and Lange Says She Didn’t Cause Breakup

Marie-Anne Thiébaud, a 37-year-old woman who previously worked as secretary and house manager in Switzerland for Shania Twain and husband Robert John “Mutt” Lange, says she is not the cause of the couple’s marital problems. A spokesman for the singer’s record label last week confirmed that Twain and Lange, her producer and co-writer, are separating after 14 years of marriage. Contacted in Switzerland by E! News, Thiébaud said, “When marriages break up, they break up for all sorts of complicated reasons — it’s never just one reason. And those reasons should be kept private.” She added, “If you’re looking for a person that broke up a marriage, then you have the wrong person. I’m not that person.” Lange has also denied that Thiébaud was the source of the couple’s personal problems.