Ejected Audience Member Is Still a Tim McGraw Fan

The 30-Year-Old Man Talks About Being Physically Removed From Washington Concert

Marcus Nirschl, 30, a union glazer from Kent, Wash., still likes Tim McGraw — even after the singer pulled him onstage at Tuesday’s (June 24) concert, apparently ready for a fight.

The entire incident was captured in an amateur video taken by a fan during the show at the White River Amphitheatre in Auburn, Wash. McGraw pulled Nirschl onstage after what appeared to be an altercation in the front rows of the audience. With assistance from the stage crew, the fan was quickly removed from the concert.

“I had a third row seat I paid $120 for,” Nirschl told CMT.com during an interview Thursday (June 26). “And I was just making my way up to my seat because I wanted to be up there when he started ’Indian Outlaw.’ I was getting shoved up against some empty seats, and I may have pushed some people when I was trying to get my balance. But I didn’t grab nobody’s hair, and I didn’t hit nobody. I’m the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.”

What happened next is still confusing to Nirschl. His cowboy hat fell off in the chaos, so he bent down to grab it.

“Next thing I knew, Tim was saying, ’Get rid of this guy,'” he recalled. “But when he reached out for my hand, I thought he recognized me, because I’ve been to about six of his shows. I really thought he wanted to pull me onstage for some dancing and stuff.”

Eager to join McGraw, Nirschl stepped up on an empty chair.

“But then Tim grabbed me by the back of my belt and pulled me up and then threw me across the stage,” he said. “And then I see his fist is back, ready to punch me. I still don’t understand it.”

He added that while he’d had a couple beers, he was not drunk.

“If I was, I wouldn’t remember any of this,” Nirschl said. “But I remember it all.”

After security escorted Nirschl backstage in a headlock, he had to tell his story to six law enforcement officers waiting for him. No charges have been filed in connection with the incident.

“I showed them my ticket, but they still made me leave,” he said.

Nirschl says he’ll go back when McGraw’s next tour stops near Seattle.

“I still like the guy,” he said. “The music’s still great. I just don’t know why he wanted to punch me.”

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