Urban, Kidman Planning Baptism of Daughter Sunday Rose

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are planning to have their infant daughter baptized during a Catholic christening ceremony in Sydney, Australia, according to The Daily Telegraph newspaper in Sydney. Sunday Rose Kidman Urban was born Monday (July 7) in Nashville. Father Paul Coleman, who also officiated at the couple’s wedding ceremony in 2006, told the newspaper he has been in contact with Kidman’s parents, although he has not confirmed the arrangements with Kidman and Urban. “Nothing is concrete, but I am just hoping we can have a very moving and happy ceremony for Nicole and Keith’s baby here with the grandparents,” the clergyman said. In a previous interview with the newspaper, the actress’ father, Dr. Antony Kidman, explained that the child’s name was inspired by Sunday Reed, a patron of the arts who reportedly served as a muse for Australian artist Sidney Nolan. “She was a key mover and shaker in the arts around the beginning of the century,” Dr. Kidman said. “The name Sunday struck me as being a nice name for a woman, so my wife and I mentioned it.” The child was also named in honor of Kidman’s late grandmother, Rose.