HOT DISH: Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman Create Big News

More Scoop on Kix Brooks' Run With the Bulls and the Party at Gary Allan's House

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I got the news last Monday morning (July 7) about the Urbans’ baby! She is here! She weighed 6 pounds, 7 ounces. Her name: Sunday Rose Kidman Urban.

When I found out about her arrival, I began to shiver with goose bumps and called my friends at I also dialed up the WFMS radio hotline in Indianapolis. It’s something I’ve done for 14 years, but never before was I shaking. They put me on the air — me and my goose bumps.

I was so happy for Keith and Nicole. Nicole just turned 41, and this is her first birth child. She and Keith could have had the child in their native Australia or in Los Angeles, where Nicole resided for many years. But, no, they chose Nashville — the place where they have a home together. It really was touching for me, so I poured a cup of that delicious Kona coffee, kicked back in my recliner and flipped on the TV. The View was coming on and, for some reason, I watched. The first thing out of Whoopi Goldberg’s mouth was that Nicole Kidman had delivered a baby daughter this morning. Barbara Walters added that Nicole has two adopted children from her marriage to Tom Cruise.

After the news started spreading, I got a note from Arista Records, Brooks & Dunn’s record label. It seems that Ronnie Dunn takes great pride in his annual Fourth of July fireworks display and cookout at his home, and Keith and Nicole attended the party this year. After hearing that Sunday Rose had been born, sweet Ronnie wrote, “Nicole told me Friday night that she was hoping my fireworks would do it. I’m overjoyed for them.”

The truth be known, Ronnie, like me, probably got goose bumps, too. Country music folks shiver and get teary.

Vacationing abroad, Ronnie’s partner in song, Kix Brooks, sent this message: “They’ve been so excited. I’m so happy for them. A redheaded movie star and a guitar slinger — it’s gonna be one beautiful baby girl.”

Keith Urban, one of the most handsome men on the planet, and his wife, an Oscar winning actress, must have the world’s most beautiful little girl. Don’t you know it?

Kix Is Bullish About His Adventures
Besides his work in Brooks & Dunn, Kix Brooks is a big shot at the CMA, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and the ACM, and he also hosts ABC Radio’s American Country Countdown. The singer-songwriter is a happily married man with two children, and he also owns a vineyard.

You’d expect a man of his caliber to act within the guidelines of maturity. But, no. Let Kix loose in Italy, and he might drink the wine and eat the pasta. Lord knows, we understand that. But take the boy to Pamplona, Spain, for the running of the bulls? Yes, he did it. Kix ran with the bulls and later explained that the event takes place on about 800 yards of a very narrow road and that 2,000 people just like him all are surrounded by horns and sweaty cow flesh. “Sounded like a tornado,” he allowed. He’d seen the running a few years ago with his kids and didn’t want to try it with them there, but he waited for his opportunity to run with the bulls. I understand his beautiful wife, Barbara, was highly ticked off.

Just think: If the bulls had trampled Kix, Barbara always did look good in black. And as a widow, she’d be stunning. And considering all those boards of organizations he’s involved with, it would take at least 10 people to fill Kix’s boots, so it would help the unemployment problem in Nashville. Lastly, Ronnie Dunn would have to go solo.

Jumping to Conclusions at Gary Allan’s House
There was a tent, an altar and a “Just Married” sign on the truck. Boaters and leisure riders in Hendersonville, Tenn., called to inform me that all of this could be seen at Gary Allan’s house during the Fourth of July weekend. I called Gary’s manager’s office Monday morning and was told by precious Hannah that Gary hosted a wedding at his place for a family friend. Friends and fans, until I got the straight story, I had already jumped to the conclusion that Gary had gotten married just before he performed at Kenny Chesney’s big concert at LP Field in Nashville. Oh, well, you lose some.

Country Music’s Cemetery Hill
More and more artists are starting their own independent record labels and are having success while viable acts are squeezed off the charts to roam hither and thither before they gravitate to that cursed unmarked Musical Cemetery on a hill. Major labels and radio are blamed for the so-called demise of these artists.

However, some country fans have been following pop music so much, they’ve become afflicted with a disease called fickleness. Loyal country fans used to stand by their own indefinitely, but this new breed is searching more for cute butts than great songs sung by great singers. Of course, with all the ProTools and crap they’ve got out there on every stage, it’s nearly impossible to tell who can sing and who can’t. Plus lip-syncing is now sneaking in, and I hate that in any music genre.

It is my hope the country music fans will make a silent oath in their hearts to keep our music country — and keep it ours. I promise every fan I’ll stand up for the music I love until they lay my cold, dead body down. How about you?

Garth and Trisha Buy House in Malibu
Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood purchased a beachfront home in Malibu, Calif., for $4.9 million that had been originally been listed for $5.4 million. The 3,700-square-foot house sits behind gates and on a half-acre of land. Tenacious paparazzi have been known to follow the many celebrities who reside in the area.

Remembering One of Waylon’s Friends
I had a MySpace message from Colleen (Mills) Thiessen, who resides in British Columbia, Canada. Many songs ago, Colleen worked for Waylon Jennings. She went back to Canada for three weeks with the intention of returning to Music City, but the night before her intended departure, she went into a bar and ran into Harry — the same Harry she’d always been in love with. “He even remembered how I took my coffee,” she wrote me. So she stayed. They married and had two kids. It was great to hear from Colleen, but she also told me the sad news that another ex-Waylon employee, Johnna Yurcic had passed away. Johnna, who had been Waylon’s road manager, made his home in Las Vegas. He was taken home to Gallup, N.M., for burial.

Cledus Getting Hitched Again
Cledus T. Judd is about to make his fourth walk down the aisle. This time, Cledus will wed his massage therapist, Amy Carmen. That girl must have rubbed him the right way.

A Personal Plug
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