John Rich’s McCain Song to Be Featured at GOP Convention

John Rich’s music video for “Raisin’ McCain” will be featured during the Republican National Convention taking place Sept. 1-4 in Minneapolis. The video, now available at Rich’s official Web site, centers around a concert performance with Rich and his band playing for a crowd of John McCain supporters. The end of the video shows Rich holding up a guitar bearing the word “vote.” Rich debuted the original song in Panama City, Fla., during the recent Country First concert which was attended by the presidential candidate. … In other news from the world of politics and music, singer-songwriter Jackson Browne has filed suit against McCain and the Ohio and national Republican committees claiming they used one of his songs without his permission. The lawsuit alleges the use of “Running on Empty” in one of McCain’s political advertisements was an infringement of his copyright. Describing Browne as “an advocate for social and environmental justice,” the suit further claims the use of his song will cause the public to conclude that he endorses McCain.