HOT DISH: Taylor Swift Talks About Songwriting, Friends and Good Manners

After Lots of Hard Work, the Young Star Is Anxious to Release Her Second Album

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Hank Williams, Harlan Howard, Alan Jackson. Three names that mean greatness when it comes to writing country songs. Your name, Taylor Swift, can be in the same sentence with these songwriters.”

The hottest 18-year-old in the biz, Taylor Swift is always sure of herself, but I think she was taken aback but for a moment when I told her that last week.

“They are awesome,” she replied. “It’s awesome you would say that. It is such an honor to be in country music and to look to the legends and to call Nashville home. It’s unreal.”

Fearless is the title of Taylor’s second album, set for Nov. 11 release, but it doesn’t mean she is completely unafraid. Don’t think for a minute that she will jump in headfirst without thinking or without fear. She thinks out situations. This smart girl would choose a career before romance.

Her favorite song on the record is “Fifteen,” a song she wrote when she first met her best, positive and constant friend, Abigail. Those two giggly girls both fell in love for the first time with boys who had cars. Abigail got her heart broken, but Taylor realized her dreams were more important than a boyfriend or a broken heart.

“The thing about high school, you don’t know anything,” she told me. “You don’t know anything, but you think you know everything.”

(I don’t know about you readers, but that last sentence from the lips of an 18-year-old just floored me. Wouldn’t it be great if the tabloids wrote about that!)

It’s difficult for the two friends since Abigail is off at college while and Taylor is either on her bus, on the stage or at a concert venue, but the two friends either talk on the telephone or chat by video every day to stay current.

“She shows me things in her dorm, and I’ll show her the hotel I’m staying in or the places where I happen to be,” Taylor said.

Her mom? “My mom and I are closer than ever,” assured Taylor. “Out in the big world, I’ve learned to appreciate my mom. I realize how smart she is. I know my mom knows more than I do. Our arguments become discussions. We are together on the bus or at home all the time, and it works for us.”

I’d learned that Taylor handwrites notes to radio programmers to thank them for interviews or for adding her record. This is almost unheard of in this day and time, so I asked Taylor about the practice.

“Well,” she slowly and shyly answered, “I think taking the time to write a letter or a card is more personal than an e-mail. E-mail is great but … I’d rather write something to someone so they can hold it in their hands. Besides, I owe something to radio. At 16, radio took a chance on me when I wrote ’Tim McGraw,’ so I owe them.”

She opened the songwriting door with the last statement, so I asked her about how she wrote songs — if the lyrics came before the melody or if they came together.

“Lyrics and melody are married,” she replied. “Hand in hand, synchronic, I write it all together. Sometimes after I’ve written a song and I’m thinking about it, a line will hit me that will suit better than the original, so I’ll change it, or I’ll come up with a line I want to repeat in the bridge. Song ideas never hit me at the same place or the same time of day. I might awake at 2 a.m. in my bunk on the bus with a song idea, and I wipe my sleepy eyes and write.”

Sleep can be a precious commodity for touring acts.

“I’ve had trouble sleeping lately, thinking about writing this album,” she said. “Obsessed with the album, not just the music but the photos. Picking which photo matches what song in the album booklet.”

Did Taylor watch the Grey’s Anatomy episode the night they played her song, “White Horse”?

“Yes!” she shrieked. “I was onstage with Rascal Flatts in Tulsa. My mom videoed me as I bolted offstage and rushed to watch the TV show. I was dancing around. Mom was videoing me. It was wild. I put it up on MySpace.”

“You are the MySpace girl,” I interjected.

“I’ve been doing MySpace since I was in the eighth grade,” she added.

“You’re the original MySpace country star,” I assured her.

“That’s what they say,” she giggled. “I have almost a million MySpace friends.”

Saying that’s all the time we had, Big Machine Records’ John Zarling interrupted Taylor before I had a chance to ask about boyfriends, but she did tell me what an incredible friend Kellie Pickler is.

“There’s much more to Kellie than lip gloss and a smile,” said Taylor.

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