Patti Page Re-Records “Doggie” Hit to Promote Humane Pet Treatment

In a bid to promote the adoption and humane treatment of pets, Patti Page has recorded a new version of her 1953 hit, “Doggie in the Window.” The veteran pop star, who will turn 81 on Nov. 8, is contributing the song to the Humane Society of the United States for use in its campaigns to save and care for homeless animals and stamp out inhumane “puppy mills.” New lyrics for the familiar tune were written by Page’s publicist, Sanford Brokaw, and Chris Gantry, composer of the 1968 Glen Campbell classic, “Dreams of the Everyday Housewife.” The revised song will be used in public service announcements and can be downloaded from the Humane Society Web site. Currently celebrating her 65th year in show business, Page will release a new album, Best Country Songs, on Nov. 22. Her autobiography, This Is My Song, is due out in January.