Josh Turner Launches Scholarship Fund

Josh Turner has launched a scholarship fund to provide assistance to high school students who hope to pursue a career in the arts and entertainment industry. The fund, administered by the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, will initially be awarded to a graduating senior from the 2009 class of his alma mater, Hannah-Pamplico High School in Hannah, S.C. The recipient will attend a post-secondary school with a substantial arts curriculum. At his concerts, Turner has been selling bracelets with the lettering, “JT Fund for the Arts.” Turner, who grew up in rural South Carolina, said, “I attended a 1-A school, and there were only 75 people in my graduating class. … We had academic and sports programs, but we never had a consistent music program. We would have a band one year, and a chorus one year, but nothing ever lasted.” He said his experience at Nashville’s Belmont University and a subsequent conversation with his wife Jennifer “inspired my idea to start a scholarship fund that would jump-start high school students into a future in the music business.”