Kenny Chesney Selling His $5.7 Million Home in Key West, Fla.

Following local media reports about a house he purchased in Key West, Fla., Kenny Chesney has decided against moving in and now plans to sell the property. Photos and details of the house were widely circulated on the Internet, and one Web site based in Key West printed the exact address of the estate. Chesney reportedly paid $5.7 million for the 7,000-square-foot house. In a statement released by his record label, Chesney said, “It’s funny how you can be moving out before you even move in. I may have been naive to think I could just go down to the Keys and disappear, because that was the idea. I wanted to find a place where I could just be and thought I’d found it. But with all the buzz since we signed the papers, the last thing I want to do to some place I love as much as Key West is change the dynamics, especially for the locals who have been so good to me, so I’m stopping the insanity before it begins. The ’for sale’ sign is back up, and I’m just not going to be able to take possession of the house.”