Keith Urban’s Publicist Denies That Tour Bus Polluted New York Street

Keith Urban’s publicist has issued a statement of denial following the New York media’s reports that the septic tank of Urban’s tour bus was emptied outside a local music club. Urban appeared Wednesday (April 1) at Webster Hall, a venue located on East 11th Street. According to reports in the New York Post newspaper and on New York magazine’s Web site, Urban’s bus dumped the waste on the street around 3 a.m. However, Urban’s publicist, Paul Freundlich, said, “Keith Urban neither contracted, leased or owned any type of vehicle (bus or otherwise) located in or around New York City at the time of his performance at Webster Hall. Any accusations that he was responsible in any way (for the alleged release of septic water into the streets of New York City) are inaccurate and malicious. His tour bus was in fact in Tennessee where it was being prepared for Keith’s upcoming tour.” Urban has been performing a series of shows in small venues before his national tour of arenas and amphitheaters begins in May.